Save out vertex colors from Houdini.

Someone asked me how to export vertex colors from Houdini.

So I gave it a quick go to see how rusty my houdini had become and turns out it was horrifically rusty.

Anyway without further ado … here   is the script and otl.

Mind that the otl is made in the learning edition.



Python reload all. Well … kind of

Do you also hate adding a

while developing a new tool.
If yes then here is the solution:

This removes all initilised modules from the memory. Even the ones that are loaded using the


This means python will have to reload all modules. So put those few lines at the top of your project and you dont have to worry about reloading your modules while you are developing them. 😀

(Yes i know hacky as hell, but then again thats why we are tech artists :D)

A different way of printing, its the comma that makes it easy.

When I start debugging I usually fill up my entire code with prints to get some info out of it.
Now I used to write something like this


However I started to get annoyed by it as I would forget converting ints to str etc.

So I started writing it like this:

This first of all saves a lot of time typing, because of the comma, but also python will not try to combine the data and will just print whatever is provided without adding a new line in between.